About Aguamiel


Aguamiel: [agwa'miel] (agua "water" miel "honey") is the sap of the Mexican maguey plant which is believed to have magical qualities The Aztecs called it “precious liquid”. In its fermented, non-distilled state, it is enjoyed as traditional pulque. The sap is found in abundance among the agave plants which grow among the ruins of the Teotihuacan civilization. Also called honey water, it has been used in Mexico as a medicine. In its fermented state it has been enjoyed as a beverage for centuries. The particularly viscous beer made from Aguamiel is known as pulque. Given only as an offering to the Gods.

A journey that begun with the dream and goal of a group of people, family members, friends….finally became a reality, to bring the true, authentic and traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine to all of you. The flavors, taste, aromas and love of the art of cooking are represented in our cuisine, the same scents that we remember coming from our grandmother’s kitchen, passed onto our mothers and now, we would love to share them with all of you.

With a combined 32 years of experience, our front of the house staff and our chefs, have created the perfect team, experience, knowledge but most importantly the love to share with our patrons everything we have cultivated all those years. These family members, friends represent generations of love for food, our culture, our traditions.

Our Chefs

Executive Chef: Enrique “Kike” Gomez

A master, an artist in the kitchen, creates with passion, love, pride of his roots; from humble beginnings rises to work for top restaurants such as Frontera grill for 19 years of his career as a teaching chef for Mr. Rick Bayles. His skills go beyond technical, they are true to his love of Mexico and all that it represents, staying authentic to every ingredient, flavor, tradition our cuisine has represented for centuries. “Kike” believes no flavor can be truly represented unless it is made as our ancestors created them; fresh, from scratch, with passion and the love, it is created for those who share it with… And he stays true to his believes by creating every dish, every ingredient the way they were meant to be.

He welcomes you to his kitchen, take a seat, grab a drink, give a smile, share a meal…. Welcome to Aaguamiel - Mexico away from Mexico!