Decoding The Love For Michelada: Make Your Own!

If you have been to Mexican bars and restaurants, you probably have found michelada on the menu. This is a beer-cocktail from Mexico that is made with few ingredients, but has a punch that’s extremely unique. Today, you can buy premade michelada mix and make your own drink at home, but what’s the hype all about? Find here!

What is the michelada?

Michelada is made with beer and lime juice, mixed with selected spices. The spice mix of the michelada can be different from different restaurants and bartenders, but mostly, the kick of the spices is evident. Some people go crazy with their micheladas, adding things like picked veggies, or even tomato juice. While many brands now sell canned micheladas, these are nothing compared to a fresh drink.

How to make the michelada?

You need to find a brand for michelada mix first. There are varied types of spice mixes, and you can select one that works for your liking or can try as many varieties as you want. To make the traditional michelada, you need an icy mug. Chill your beer mug for this, although you can use ice if that is not an option. Now add some fresh lime juice to the glass and use the wedge to rub the rim of the mug. Dip the rim in salt. Into the cold mug, add your michelada mix. Every brand recommends a certain amount that goes for every serving, so keep an eye on the measurements. Now, pour in your favorite beer by tilting the mug. For a perfect michelada, you need to have chilled beer – the more chilled, the better.

What else to know?

Michelada and chelada may mean the same things, but many people believe that chelada is the base. At the basic level, a chelada contains nothing but beer with salt and lime juice. While Mexican beer goes really well with this cocktail, we strongly recommend that you use the beer you like. Don’t go overboard with the spices though. Some of the ready chelada mixes are really great and make it easy to make a whole batch of cocktails when you have a party at home. Also, this is a cheaper way to enjoy your chelada, considering that heading out for a drink every now and then can be hard.

Check online for brands selling chelada mixes now and grab a box for your home!