Super crispy chicken breading mix- how do you achieve a crunchy cornflakes effect? Practical tips for restaurants

Chicken in a golden, appetisingly crispy coating is a dish worth adding to any fast-food outlet’s menu. It tastes great, goes well with a variety of toppings and is popular with customers of all ages. How do you make it? Find out the easiest way to make breaded chicken. With these tips, your chicken coating will always be perfectly crispy and crunchy.

Crispy chicken with fries and dip- serve the perfect combo

Slices of chicken in a golden coating, next to a fries box filled to the brim with crispy fries topped with aromatic seasoning or dip – a combination that continues to be extremely popular with fast food regulars. Preparing it is very easy and requires no special preparation (you don’t even need cornflakes!). You are able to put this dish on the menu in one day!

Chicken breading mix just like KFC coating

Wondering how to make a KFC-like coating? For a chicken that is crispy on the outside and still juicy and flavourful on the inside, all you need to do is use restaurant-dedicated products: coating and marinade and use the right coating technique. A ready-made chicken breading mix straight from the manufacturer is a quick and easy way to achieve the desired effect. Even more so when you choose this solution, in addition to the product you will also receive detailed coating instructions.

The secret to chicken breading mix

By using ready-made chicken breading mix, you don’t have to worry about how to make a good coating for chicken. The whole secret of a crispy coating lies in using the right coating mix. By coating your chicken in a breading mix dedicated to the food service industry, you not only ensure that your work is convenient, but also minimise the risk of something going wrong.

Quick coating for chicken

So which coating for chicken fillet? Preferably ready-made, prepared with restaurants in mind. Thanks to a carefully balanced mixture of ingredients, the coating tastes and looks great – it is properly crisped, crunchy and golden. The easy preparation of breaded chicken not only saves time, but ensures that perfectly crispy chicken pieces can be prepared by almost anyone.

To make the coating crispy

What can be done to make the coating crispy? First of all, use the right products for marinating and breading the chicken. It is also extremely important that the meat is properly prepared, massaged and breaded. The market-leading coating for restaurants is the Holly Powder coating. The included step-by-step instructions explain how to prepare chicken in a crispy coating.

Better than in KFC restaurants?

This is exactly what the chicken served in your restaurant can be. Don’t use breadcrumbs, forget cornflakes, eliminate eggs from your kitchen. A perfectly crispy coating needs none of these ingredients. A ready-made marinade and chicken breading mix will give your dish the right taste, aroma and appearance.

How do you make nuggets in a crispy coating?

Cut the chicken fillet into 25-gram pieces. Pour the marinade prepared according to the instructions that come with its packaging and massage until the marinade is absorbed by the meat. Place in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Coat the chicken with the ready-made chicken breading mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This way you can be sure to get the desired effect – the coating will be crispy and very crunchy. Deep-fry the chicken at 170 degrees Celsius until it turns golden.

Breaded chicken – what can you serve it with?

Chicken pieces in a crispy coating make for such a delicious dish that no more toppings are required. They can be served in a bucket with your favourite dip or sprinkled with sesame seeds. However, if you want to offer your customers other dishes based on breaded chicken, there are plenty of options available. Sandwiches, tortillas, burgers, salads or chicken hot dogs – breaded chicken goes perfectly with any of them.

Crispy homemade coating tastes best…. at home

If you want to prepare breaded chicken in a catering establishment, it is best to use professional solutions. Crushed cornflakes, strips in pancake batter or coating nuggets in breadcrumbs do not work in catering. They are too time-consuming and do not guarantee reproducibility of the effect obtained, and breaded pieces of meat never achieve the same crispness as when using a chicken breading mix for restaurants. If you wish to enrich your menu with breaded chicken, it is worth opting for reliable, proven and professional solutions. Coating chicken in a ready-to-use catering coating is certainly one of them.