The Popularity of New Zealand Beer and the Reasons

To get straight to the point, this article aims to provide you with a better idea of why beer is so popular in New Zealand and the reasons why. Quite simply, New Zealanders love beer, there is a wealth of history that comes with that love which has contributed to the growth and success of the New Zealand beer industry, not only nationally but worldwide.


The number of breweries per capita will have a huge part to play in the popularity of New Zealand beer, logic tells us that the more we are exposed to something the more likely we are to be interested, unless smothered of course. Mind you, some people’s idea of a good time is to be smothered in beer (not literally), each to their own.

It may come as a surprise, but New Zealand actually has more breweries per capita than Britain, the US and Australia which is some feat indeed. We all know that the Brits love a drink as do the Aussies, more surprising though is the US, purely because of the size of the place, one would think they would win hands down.

Because of their amount of involvement in the brewing of beer along side the history that has developed and helped to shape their beer industry, New Zealand has been an attractive business partner in terms of beer production for some time and that demand and supply continues to grow as we see more and more specialist beers hitting the market.

Make New Zealand Your Choice of New Brew

If you don’t already buy beer from New Zealand, and are not overly happy with the increased costs that come with buying beer from your local pub, or supermarket for that matter then you should consider buying New Zealand beer from now on. Of course, all businesses try their best to keep the consumer costs down, but the increased cost of production has seen prices of alcohol increase hugely in pubs and although not as much, still noticeable in supermarkets.

For some countries a large proportion of the consumer costs are due to tax, which in some countries costs more than the products themselves. From a practical perspective, the stronger the New Zealand beer industry becomes then there could be a greater chance of international deals becoming fairer and perhaps even reducing the tax that is paid. If in doubt, buy in bulk, usually buying more means cheaper costs per unit.