Summer is the Time for Ice Cream in Cups

Not everyone enjoys licking an ice cream cone. That’s why ice cream paper cups include ice cream scoop and napkin as part of the professional ice-cream seller’s essential equipment. It makes it easy to take ice cream with you and scoop it up on the go.

Takeaway ice cream paper cups are food safe. It means that the food packaging is designed so that the ice cream’s appearance, taste, or smell is not affected. Ice cream paper cups are also recyclable, compostable, and more environmentally friendly than plastic cups.

Features of cups

Ice cream containers are available in different sizes. Other specs include:

  • The stylish swirl design of the disposable cup;
  • Durable but lightweight bowl material;
  • The surface of the ice cream packaging is easy to print, which gives unlimited branding possibilities;
  • Dome lids with or without a hole and tall flat-top lids can be purchased separately;
  • The tall flat lid can also be used as a snack dish;
  • Possibility of recycling;
  • Eco-friendly food packaging for ice cream and desserts.

Whether you are a full-time ice cream vendor or have ice cream on your menu, excellent paper ice cream cups are available on the Internet for you and, therefore, for your customers.

With these cups, customers will never again complain about an ice cream wrapper soaking wet or your favorite flavor of ice cream on their shoes or the floor. Shine not only with ice cream but also with taste sensations to the last spoon.

But that’s not all. You can also score points with your customers by appreciating the sustainability of our environment because all ice cream packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials. It means that disposal is as ecologically friendly as possible.

Plenty of options to choose from

Disposable ice cream cups are the ideal solution for selling ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice chips, etc., outdoors and to take away. You will find a great range of options and many practical sizes in the range. The focus is on hard paper ice cream cups, which are not only available in a variety of neutral standard designs, but of course, can be custom printed with your logo, promotional message, or high-quality corporate design. In the range, you will also find eco-friendly disposable cups made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable materials, ideal for sustainable and environmentally friendly ice cream sales.

The range includes organic sundae cups made from natural resources and therefore compostable. Choose from various plant fiber options with a sustainable bioplastic inner lining. Either way, all-organic ice cream products are 100% biodegradable, look stylish, and are of the highest quality.

Carefree ice cream enjoyment

Especially during the warm season, people love to treat themselves to delicious, refreshing ice cream. How much waste is created in the process is sometimes left in the background. To counteract this, the manufacturer offers organic sundaes. They are consistently environmentally friendly both during production and disposal.

The organic ice cream cup is perfect for your company if you want to offer your customers ice cream. There is nothing to be missed here: organic sundaes combine functionality with simple style while being eco-friendly. The manufacturer provides suitable PLA lids, flat or curved.