3 delicious Cake Ideas that you can make with your Atta

Atta or wheat flour is a food staple that is readily available in all Indian households throughout the year. We make our deliciously soft and fluffy rotis with the use of atta while occasionally using this staple to make other dishes such as paratha, poori and even nankhatai which is a type of biscuit that is famous in the Indian subcontinent. Along with all these mouthwatering recipes, atta can also be used to create different types of cakes from the comfort of your home.

The cake is one of the dessert delicacies that is enjoyed and savoured all over the world due to its universal flavour profile appeal. Baking a cake at home has become relatively easier due to the handful of ingredients required for the preparation and the access to different types of recipes. Earlier, a conventional oven was preferred to make a perfectly delicious cake, however, in recent times you can prepare a cake with the help of a cooking pot or a pressure cooker.

We will be looking at 3 delicious cake ideas that can be easily made with atta. These cake ideas will be different from each other and will provide a unique take on the traditional form of cake. To prepare these cakes, you can use aashirvaad atta 10kg from the Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta range.

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Marble Cake

A marble cake is made by baking together two different flavours of cake batter. The cake batter for a marble cake is mixed in a way where the cake resembles the texture of marble from inside. For creating a marble cake, you will have to create two separate mixes by taking the oil, powdered sugar and yoghurt, and then mixing it with atta and milk. Then flavour the separate mixes with vanilla extract and chocolate and mix them while baking.

Mango Honey Cake

The mango honey cake will provide the sweetness of mango and the goodness of honey in every single piece. Simply prepare the cake mix by taking honey, yoghurt and oil, and then mixing it with atta, baking soda, baking powder and salt. This will create a batter for your cake, place this mixture in a baking pan and add the mango slices on top of it in a clockwise direction. Bake the batter after which each piece of cake will have a unique taste of mango to it.

Jaggery Cake

For all the health-conscious people who want to stay away from processed sugar, a jaggery cake is a perfect option to satisfy your sweet craving. To create a jaggery cake, first, you have to melt jaggery in water and then add it to a mix of atta, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Add vanilla extract to this mixture to create your sugar-free cake batter that you can bake to create a sugar-free jaggery cake that will be a perfect pair for your cup of tea.