Peat pilgrimage: the ultimate Scottish distillery tour

For lovers of all things fruity, floral, feinty, malty and peaty, there can be no better pilgrimage than a Scottish whisky jaunt. Yes, if you ever have the opportunity to traverse the high, low and coastal lands of this enchanting nation, you must also stop in at the country’s legendary distilleries!

Scotch whisky is the pride of the nation, a glorious indulgence with a rich and complex nature that places it alongside the mythical status of French wine or Japanese sake production. Yes, the Scots have long mastered the art of whisky production, and any connoisseur would revel in the opportunity to visit some of these most distinguished distilleries:

  1. Ardberg 

Ardberg is a true distilling success story, and if you can visit its location or buy Ardberg whisky online then you are in for a delightful experience. Located on the typically rustic island of Islay, this legendary distillery receives plenty of pilgrims eager to experience the joyous aromas and fine tastings that this iconic location produces.

Tours are available throughout the year, providing the classic opportunity to see how their drops are made whilst trying them for yourself in the Old Kiln Cafe. Here, you will have the opportunity to indulge in delights such as the “Ten Years Old”, “Old Beastie” and “An Oa”.

A truly delightful experience, and one that is worth leaving the mainland for, as you will also get to experience the conviviality of island life at its most welcoming!

  1. Glenfiddich 

Easily renowned as one of the world’s most famous and purchased drops, the Glenfiddich distillery is located in the far reaches of northeast Scotland. But its remoteness should be of no discouragement, as the richness of this wonderful land and the fantastic distillery located there are enough to drag you all the way from Edinburgh!

It is a unique experience, especially given the unparalleled quality of their single malts. Furthermore, it remains completely family owned, retaining its place as a giant of independent production.

Incorporating generations of production experience with the fine waters of the Fiddich River is enough to produce one of the world’s finest single malts, that being the legendary Speyside Single Malt, and there is no better place to enjoy it than right there at its home.

A tour is a truly special experience, as you will get to see how the distillery survived numerous hardships and threats that were to be the ruin of other businesses, as well as how they evolved their brand to make it one of the most recognisable in the world.

Of course, it will always end with a tasting of some of that most divine spirit that has kept them in place amongst the world’s commercial giants!

  1. The Clydeside Distillery 

People often think that the best Scotch is only produced on the islands and in the highlands, but you can actually find one of the most amazing distilleries right there in the buzzing cultural centre of Glasgow!

Located right where Scotland used to export the bulk of its blends to the world, the Queens Dock is the place to experience this relatively new distillery and its fascinating blends. And why not give one of the new producers a chance to display their fine offerings? After all, the name may be new, but they are drawing on many years of production experience to bring you a fabulous tour and an even better drop!