Top 6 Tips for Preparing Pizza at Home

For years, pizza has been topping the charts as among the most loved foodstuffs globally, especially in America. Regardless of the toppings, almost everyone loves pizza.

However, pizza is normally ordered at a restaurant, and it’s not thought of as a simple meal to prepare at home.

From kneading your dough to buying the right flour, making pizza at home is an art itself. But over the years, professional chefs have been gathering tips to help you prepare pizza at home:

1.     Preheat the Oven Surface

If you want to have a pizzeria and artisan feel to your pizza in your garden, it would be wise to preheat the surface of your outdoor pizza oven.

There are several options for this. You may use a pizza stone, a heavy-duty baking sheet, or an upside-down cast iron skillet.

It is also possible to use whatever materials you have available. But ensure you preheat the surface in your hot oven for around 30 minutes or one hour.

2.     Make a Dough

Although picking up the store-bought dough for pizza is easy, you only require simple ingredients to prepare from scratch. All the ingredients you need include salt, olive oil, instant dry yeast, sugar, and water.

You might also need some cornmeal or semolina flour for dusting. Homemade dough is easier to work with all these ingredients, and it would be worth the effort.

3.     Use the Right Toppings

Pizza toppings are usually great, but it would be best to avoid those that get burnt or make your base soggy. Leaves like spinach are better cooked first before adding them to your pizza.

At the same time, veggies, like mushrooms, provide moisture. Several slices will be okay, but a lot of mushrooms can make you end up with a very wet pizza.

4.     Avoid Cooking the Sauce

Many individuals use a store-bought sauce, which doesn’t always contain natural ingredients. Instead of getting a store-bought sauce, you can whip yours with canned tomatoes, but don’t add herbs or spices.

While you may use fresh tomatoes, the sauce might become very watery. To avoid this from happening, consider squeezing your tomatoes to remove excess liquid before you blend.

5.     Layer Your Pizza

Layer your ingredients one way to perfect your pizza. Consider also arranging ingredients differently. For instance, if you place your cheese down first, layer your basil and tomatoes on top.

You might also place tomato slices on top of your cheese. Normally, tomatoes have a higher amount of moisture content – meaning they will not caramelize. Rather they may dehydrate for a centralized tomato flavor.

6.     Give Your Pizza Time

Up to a particular extent, more time usually means more flavor. The yeast requires time to work and make your pizza taste good.

Time also matters for providing lift and structure. You may extend the entire process by allowing your dough to reset inside your fridge for two or three days before baking.

In Conclusion!

It is hard to prepare pizzeria-style pizza at home because many individuals lack an oven, reaching around 910 F.

However, the good news is that you can prepare your favorite pizza with the kind of equipment you already have at home.