Take Advantage of Black Friday Deals Offered by BBQs 2U on their Kamado Joe Products

Black Friday is the day that every shopaholic looks forward to. This is considered to be one of the busiest shopping days for stores across the UK. People planning to host parties for Christmas can make use of these Black Friday sales and purchase good quality BBQ products offered by BBQs 2U.

BBQs 2U is one of the renowned retailers that sell Napoleon barbecue, Ooni Pizza ovens, and the Kamado Joe BBQ ranges across the UK. The company is known for its prompt customer support and excellent knowledge about barbecue.

Recently the store has come with their Kamado Joe BBQ Black Friday deal wherein customers can avail great discounts on all their Kamado Joe Products.

Their Kamado Joe series comprises of:

  • Kamado Joe – Classic I, II & III
  • Kamado Joe – Big Joe II & III
  • Kamado Joe – Joe Jnr

Kamado grills are different than standard grills. The Classic Kamado series are made from ceramic and is perfect for insulating and heat retention. The unique feature of these grills is that they come with Divide & Conquer system. It also comes with multi-level grates that can be used for different cooking styles.

The only difference between the Classic I, II & III versions is that the latter comes with a SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber that can help to evenly distribute heat and smoke that can help enhance the quality of the food by giving it a smoky flavour.

In addition to this, the Classic III comes with a heavy-duty galvanized steel rolling cart with locking wheel casters when compared to the wiry cast iron version in Classic I & II. The Divide & Conquer system in Classic III comes with 3 layers giving way to more cooking space.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe series is the perfect grill when it comes to cooking outdoors. The Big Joe series comes with a mounted vent on top that can help control the temperature, smoke levels, and airflow. These also come with the Divide and Conquer cooking system that allows setting up multiple heat zones to the grills.

The added feature in the Kamado Joe series is that it airlift hinge system that helps people to open the lid gently without applying any force. Secondly, it also comes with a fiberglass gasket that ensures that the smoke or air does not leak from the grill.

The Kamado Joe Jnr is a perfect companion for getaways or camping trips. This grill as in the case of all Kamado versions is multi-functional and can be used for roasting, smoking, and searing all types of food. This grill comes with a cooking surface of 148sq.inches and is convenient to cook for 2-3 people at a time. This grill makes use of charcoal, allowing people to cook food at high temperatures.

BBQs 2U live up to the expectations of its customers on being one of the top Kamado Joe UK retailers. The Black Friday deals offered by them ensure that customers get huge discounts on their Kamado Joe Bundles and their accessories. This is an ideal time for people to purchase in bulk without spending more purchasing items separately.