A Few Interesting Things You can Enjoy in Yuma

Yuma a province of Arizona is a great holiday destination. The place holds a number of attractions as it has centuries-old heritage sights as well as contemporary places of interest. You can enjoy the river banks entertainment channels, parks, roam in the midst of the old mining towns, the massive looking sand dunes.

When it comes to dining, you have the most popular restaurants where you can relish multi-cuisine food that is famous in both Eastern and Western countries, of course, the mouth-watering local dishes of Arizona, Of course, you will want to know the best places to eat in Yuma. Your search ends when you are in Castle Dome Avenue’s best restaurant Angry Crab Shack that is known for delicious food and good entertainment.

Here is brief info about things you can do in Yuma:

  • Don’t miss Castle Dome mines museum and Ghost town – A mining town thriving in the 18th century where people become rich by extracting copper and silver minerals is in ruins. It is near Castle Dome Mountains where there are buildings that are now converted into museums. History lovers and archeologists flock to this town to know the kind of mining tools used earlier and understand in detail about the miners.

  • Opening tribal era, Cocopah museum – The place reflects the culture and history of Cocopah traditional living and Ramada. The museum treasures varied tribal exhibits, the family structure of Cocopah family, things portraying their daily life, musical instruments, their art work and craft work and even their warrior’s hunting tools.
  • Exciting, Imperial sand dunes – You can visualize the vast 40 miles of site having huge sand dunes some over 300 feet, hence no doubt it is the most favored place for shooting movies. The breathtaking site is frequently visited by adventurous, campers and bikers.
  • Walk in Petroglyphs – Outside the city you can roam in two ancient historical sites where you can visualize messages and images carved into rocks. One is the Antelope hill of sandstone pecked with amazing pictures of religion and architecture images. The other is the Painted rock having 800 images on basalt boulders.

  • Enjoy the serenity of Sanguinetti house museum and gardens – You come to know in detail about the merchant E.F. Sanguinetti influencing personality of the 19th century brought in many well-known changes in the community. Here you are able to understand more in detail about Yuma, its history, culture, and living of native people.