A Useful Guide To Obtain Lee County Liquor License

Many restaurant or bar owners find it difficult to obtain a liquor license. To assist you, we have come up with a guide that takes you through all the steps you need to perform to get a liquor license for your business.

Get zone approval

The first step to get a liquor license is to get proper zone-based approval from the municipal powers. You have to visit the zoning commission in the city or town.

Your local regional department will visit your location to make sure it is away from public places such as schools, and religious places, and approved for commercial use. As it is a government process, it can take around three to five months of the period for its execution.

Beverage License Specialists help you navigate through the tough application process of acquiring Lee County liquor license. The expert specialists at this company assist people in determining the most appropriate type of alcoholic beverage license that is beneficial for the business.

Determine the type of license you need

Once you get the approval of your zoning license, you can now figure out the appropriate license for your needs. First decide what you need to sell, spirits, beer, or wine.

Secondly, you need to determine, do you need to operate your business-like a bar, a liquor store, or a restaurant. If you want to operate your business like a restaurant, then you need to ask whether you fulfill the qualification for an “SRX” license.

Choose from the different liquor license options

Below are the different types of liquor license options that you need to know:

  • 1COP Beer only license for setting up a Bar / Restaurant
  • 1APS Beer Only license for setting up a Liquor Store
  • 2COP Beer and Wine license for setting up a Bar / Restaurant
  • 2APS Beer and Wine license for setting up a Liquor Store
  • 3PS Beer, Wine, Spirits license for setting up a Liquor Store
  • 4COP Beer, Wine, Spirits license for setting up a Bar / Restaurant

 Once you have decided how you are going to operate your liquor business, you can choose from these options and apply for that specific license.


With the right action and knowledge, buying a liquor license is easy for a bar/restaurant business in Lee County. Getting the assistance of liquor license specialists’ helps you obtain it easily and quickly so that you can run your business without worries.