For the love of Kebabs: Make delicious kebabs at home with ITC Master Chef

Kebabs are an incredibly popular appetizer and snack that are available in a variety of options both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are many different preparations of Kebabs with distinct regional influences and flavours. If you love Kebabs and wish to try new and exciting variants of this delicious dish at home, ITC Master Chef offers some truly extraordinary vegetarian and chicken-based kebabs.

Developed under the expert guidance of Master Chefs, all ITC Master Chef frozen snacks are free from added preservatives. They are hygienically prepared with real ingredients that offer great taste and nutrition. ITC Master Chef’s variety of veg kebabs and chicken kebabs can be cooked using different methods such as tawa frying, deep frying and air frying. All you need to do is grab a pack from the freezer, cook them and your favourite Kebabs will be ready to eat within minutes. Check out these fantastic Kebabs from ITC Master Chef and try them today.

  1. Veg Hara Bhara Kebab by ITC Master Chef

Hara Bhara Kebabs are a classic vegetarian appetizer and snack. These vegetarian kebabs are a big favourite among people, and you can enjoy freshly cooked Hara Bhara Kebabs at home with ease. A delectable vegetarian delight, the Hara Bhara Kebab from ITC Master Chef contains the goodness of spinach and green peas. This ready-to-cook frozen snack is seasoned with a blend of exotic spices and flavourful ingredients. ITC Master Chef Hara Bhara Kebabs are as versatile as they are delicious. You can create a variety of homemade snacks and appetizers such as sandwiches, rolls, mini-burgers and sliders with ITC Master Chef Hara Bhara Kebabs.

  1. Veg Rajmah Galouti Kebab by ITC Master Chef

An incredible vegetarian avatar of the famous Galouti Kebab from Lucknow. With the goodness of protein-packed Rajmah and flavourful desi masalas, ITC Master Chef Rajmah Galouti Kebabs are simply too good to be true. Enjoy the lip-smacking flavours and melt-in-the-mouth texture of these veg kebabs at home with ease. Cook ITC Master Chef Rajmah Galouti Kebabs using your preferred method, and get ready to have fun. Create a fusion dish with these tasty kebabs by adding them to rolls, sandwiches or homemade mini-burgers and surprise your loved ones.

  1. Veg Dilli Dahi Kebab by ITC Master Chef

Creamy, spicy and with the goodness of calcium, ITC Master Chef Dilli Dahi Kebabs are an exotic indulgence for everyone who loves kebabs. Made with Paneer and Curd, this fantastic frozen snack is seasoned with a combination of spices that cause an explosion of flavour in each bite. Dilli Dahi Kebabs are an interesting vegetarian snack you can serve within minutes. Cook these kebabs by tawa frying, deep frying or air frying. The crispy exterior and soft, creamy interior make for a sublime combination of textures that will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Veg Achari Beetroot Kebab by ITC Master Chef

As vibrant to the taste buds as it is to the eyes, ITC Master Chef Achaari Beetroot Kebabs are full of delectable flavours. With the goodness of Beetroots and other veggies, these yummy vegetarian kebabs are also a low-fat snack. An impeccable choice for an indulgent evening snack, or as an entrée, ITC Master Chef Achaari Beetroot Kebabs will surely be loved by kebab lovers everywhere. Add a smack of colour to your plate with this tempting frozen snack that is perfect for you and your family.

  1. Veg Lebanese Falafel Kebab by ITC Master Chef

Full of protein and savoury delight, ITC Master Chef Lebanese Falafel Kebabs add a desi twist to an exotic dish. Falafel is a Middle Eastern delicacy made with ground up chickpeas and seasoned with herbs and spices. With the help of Master Chefs at ITC, you can relish the fresh flavours of Falafel in the form of kebabs. Chickpeas, or Kabuli Chana as they are known in India, have a high protein content. ITC Master Chef Lebanese Falafel Kebabs can be tawa fried, making them a great low-fat snack for you.

  1. Chicken Galouti Kebab by ITC Master Chef

The soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture of ITC Master Chef Chicken Galouti Kebabs does full justice to the authentic Lucknowi Galouti Kebabs. The word “Galouti” means “something that melts in the mouth” and the Master Chefs at ITC have been able to recreate the same qualities. Seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs which create a sublime flavour, and shall easily make this your favourite kebab of all time. Try ITC Master Chef Chicken Galouti Kebabs today!

  1. Mediterranean Chicken Kebab by ITC Master Chef

The magic of Mediterranean flavours in the form of a desi kebab makes for an interesting culinary combination. ITC Master Chef Mediterranean Chicken Kebabs are juicy, perfectly seasoned and contain red bell peppers and green capsicum. A high protein snack that is also a perfect platform for you to try some experimentation in the kitchen. Add these delicious chicken kebabs to a roll, sandwich or slider, and create an Instagram worthy dish within minutes.

  1. Chicken Seekh Kebab by ITC Master Chef

A wonderful re-imagination of the classic Seekh Kebab that you can savour in the comfort of your home within minutes. Easy to cook, full of flavour and nutrition, ITC Master Chef Chicken Seekh Kebabs are an ideal frozen snack for the entire family. Made with minced chicken and seasoned with exotic herbs and spices, these Seekh Kebabs are juicy and full of flavour. These kebabs are also compatible with multiple cooking methods based on your preferences. If you love kebabs, ITC Master Chef gives you a wide number of choices that will help you explore new flavours and help your love for kebabs grow stronger and stronger.