How to Read the Menu When You Visit A Sushi Restaurant?

Sushi restaurants are the most popular meal choices for people who dining outside with their friends, but reading sushi menu are overwhelming for many people. If you are planning to visit sushi restaurant with your friends, you need to prepare yourself before visiting it.

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Here is a guide to read menu at sushi restaurants that help you get confidence when you order food at sushi bar.

Most common type of menu at Sushi                                         

Maki roll (maki) – It is sliced rolls generally prepared with sushi rice, vegetables in seaweed (nori), and different varieties of fish. You can find a lot of special rolls in sushi restaurants made with special ingredients and combinations.

Nigiri (nee-gee-ree-zoo-shee) – It is the simple and original sushi option that is finger sushi. These are oval balls, topped with fish pieces. You can even start with shrimp (ebi) or egg (tamago) nigiri.

Sashimi (sah-shee-mee) – It is the slices of raw fish you can have it with soy sauce.

Aji (ah-jee) – Horse mackerel or tasty Spanish, served on sushi or as sashimi. Also, order for crunchy and tasty deep-fried fish skeleton

Sake (salmon) – It is the delicious and smooth nigiri that has creamy texture. If you are having raw fish first time, then it’s good to have sake.

Tamago (egg) – You can find it on top of the sushi, usually it will be sugary and it will be prepared on a special pan known as tamagoyaki pan for smooth and tasty texture.

Hamachi (hah-mah-chee) – It is a tasty and delicious fish, Japanese yellowtail. Normally, it is served raw.

Amaebi (ah-mah-eh-bee) – It is sweet raw shrimp that is served on the finger sushi. You can even tell the server to grill its heads as well.

Unagi (eel) – Consuming eel meat seems to be exotic, but it will have same texture as tender meat. So, it is considered as a great option for beginners. Also, it is a great source of energy and protein.

In addition to these, there are a lot of other dishes including Maguro, Anago, and more. If you want to enjoy the real taste of sushi, visit the best sushi restaurant on your next holiday with your friends.